No risk.
Just the rewards.

Why design credit products yourself? With Ezra’s service you can innovate fast and fulfil customer needs at scale - and only reap the benefits.

Innovate and scale faster without investment

Minimise your financial exposure - with no need to hire specialists, no CAPEX or OPEX and risk largely covered.

Develop a compelling product and avoid complexity

Get to market fast. Nothing to build. Just a bespoke product, ready to roll in weeks.

Deliver credit services, without the learning curve

Our world-class product design team, profiling engines and our loan management system deliver results that would normally take years to achieve.

A reputation you can rely on

At Ezra we see potential. Everywhere. We believe that with the right support and investment, anyone can become someone. So we’re dedicated to helping realise that potential by creating credit products that help businesses and their financially under-served customers thrive.

Unmatched expertise in launching credit products for global brands.

Strong financial backing and part of a well-funded group

A true partnership where we’re invested in your success.


Platform availability 99.9% uptime


Average eligibility of 60-90% while maintaining very high repayment

A complete service from product design to marketing campaigns

From intelligent predictive engines to assess risk and behaviour, to a fully-automated loan management cycle, our solutions cover everything.

Customer behaviour and risk profiling

Product planning and design

Loan lifecycle management

Empathetic, insightful solutions and support

Our friendly, proactive team is the best in the world. They work hand-in-hand with you to engineer and embed the right solutions for your business - and your customer.

Deep digital apps, Fintech and credit sector experience

Creative product designers driven by true customer insight

Full product engineering and ongoing technical support

Impactful solutions for every sector - at scale

We offer bespoke solutions across a range of industries and credit types.

Token advance

Emergency credits for prepaid businesses

Digital loans

Considering alternatives? Check if they offer all this – with one integration.

A world class scoring engine and other critical engines to boost repayment?

Building and training an algo takes time. Especially if you don’t have rich financial data. Ours is trained and ready - profiling 100M+ users everyday in 19 markets. To help you launch a profitable product faster.

Top talents in product design and domain experts in digital lending?

Our team has it. In spades. Their understanding of the customer and of credit products helps us create the right product and parameters to drive uptake while removing risk.

A complete platform to operationalise the whole loan lifecycle and manage your customer base?

Finding the right credit product to fit your customers is just the start. Our platform automates  the whole loan lifecycle management cycle and customises and manages payment reminders, collections, predicts churn and more.

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