Grow ARPU with
credit advances


Launch credit advances or device financing to millions of mobile users with an experienced partner.

Low risk exposure

Get all the benefits of offering top up advances, without the high risks of extending credit.

Score and profile customers at scale

An intelligent scoring and profiling engine that supports instant decisions on credit advances.

Highly accessible credit advance product

Give users online access to credit top up even when they’re out of data, with high eligibility rates.

Industry-leading credit advance
solutions for telcos.


Upfront capital, CAPEX or OPEX required


Up to a 90% eligibility rate


Users profiled across 20 markets by Ezra every day

Social Validation

Powering credit advances for
leading phone networks.

Our partners

Deliver credit advances with low capital risk

Provide instant top up advances to out-of-credit users without risking your capital. There’s no upfront investment needed as we deliver the product to market.

Our warranty covers 50% to 100% of any liabilities depending on your risk appetite, so you can focus on growing subscribers and user adoption.

Make credit advances accessible to millions

Give out-of-credit users access to instant low-barrier advances online. Our proven scoring algorithm and profiling engine will accurately profile customers to deliver an immediate decisions.

With an industry-leading credit eligibility rate of up to 90% of active user bases, you can focus on driving brand loyalty and product stickiness.

One contract. One integration.
We take care of everything.

Ezra provides everything your network needs to launch credit advances to millions of customers. From product design to risk profiling and campaign management, you’ll be ready to launch in under 12 weeks.

Product design

Our expert team will design a credit advance product featuring a world-class UI and UX that delights users.

From feature phones to smartphones and SMS, your service will integrate all channels.

Risk profiling

Ezra will score and profile users for an instant decision on advance credit. Our intelligent scoring and profiling platform leverages alternative data sets, such as transaction and socioeconomic insights, so you can profile customers with no credit history.

We do this for over 100m users daily in 20 international markets, so you’ll be ready from day 1.

Campaign management

Ezra’s campaign management system will help you grow to millions of credit advance users in just a few days.

Trigger multi-channel campaigns at the right time in the customer journey, include credit advance promotions in wider customer flows, and upsell complimentary services to drive adoption and ARPU growth.

"Ezra’s solution has enhanced the monetization of our base by extending credit to out of balance customers. I have no hesitation in recommending Ezra to any mobile operator."

CMO | Major pan-African mobile operator

Provide round-the-clock
service and support.

Prevent long service downtime

Maintain continuity of service to customers for phone credit advances. Ezra’s backend infrastructure has been built to ensure near perfect 99.9% uptime performance.

Offer real-time customer care

Ezra provides a customer care interface for your call centre and back office teams, making it easier to manage user queries and ensure resolution for more customers.

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